Dr Michael Bolte

Room A 305

Telephone: ++49-69-798-29136

Fax: ++49-69-798-29239



I received my "Staatsexamen" and PhD degree in Chemistry from Göttingen University in the group of Prof. G. M. Sheldrick. In 1988 I moved to the Chemistry Department at the University of Frankfurt and I am now a member of Prof. Dr. M. Wagner's research group.
Since January 2001 I am a Co-Editor of Acta Crystallographica E.
Furthermore, I am a tutor at two regular crystallographic workshops arranged by the DGK (german crystallogrphic association) and GDCh (german chemical association):
Sommerschule Kristallographie
Fehler, Fallen und Probleme in der Einkristallstrukturanalyse.

Research Interests

    * Structure determination
    * Low temperature crystallography
    * Difficult structures (twinned crystals, disorder and pseudo-symmetry problems)
    * Patterson search methods for structure solution
    * Databases (Cambridge Structural Database, Inorganic Crystal Structure Database, Brookhaven Protein Data Bank)
    * Molecular Modelling
    * Programming

Selected References

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Last revised: 22nd June 2004